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Brackets Code Editor is one of the admired open source texts Editor which can use for creating and editing codes simply. Adobe creates this code editor for web development purposes but it can be use for all coding purposes like editing simple HTML file to building a large project. Brackets at this time distributed under MIT licence as an open source code editor. Everyone can edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes without having mistakes and preview the results immediately on Google Chrome browser. This is absolutely a free tool developed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All the programmers/users will love to find this tool especially if they are editing codes frequently with Notepad or Text Edit.

Bracket Code EditorBrackets Code Editor is a lightweight, powerful and modern text editor. We bring together visual tools into the editor so you found it easy, as you want to use it without any hazals.You will enjoy writing code in Brackets Code Editor.Brackets Code Editor allows its users to edit HTML codes quickly through its fast Edit feature. When in this method, Brackets saves you from annoy of manually entering CSS elements such as colors and the Bezier curve. Quick Edit also makes you edit HTML rules and regulations with just a simple click. The Brackets Live Preview makes its users see the changes and differences in their CSS, HTML in real-time through your browser.Allthough, the Live Preview feature can be used with a number of web browsers, and Google Chrome is the default partner of it.

One of the most excellent ways to move forward in web development is to combine and create links between design and implementation. Brackets is an editor for CSS, HTML and JavaScript developed by Adobe that goals and aims to do just that, offering tools to make more efficient the page-making process and improve conversion between graphic editors and their interpretation.

Brackets Code Editor is an open-source tool with a clear and uncomplicated interface that automatically detects code. It helps in writing it by indenting and color-coding segments for trouble-free identification and organizing all the project fundamentals in a work area where you can categories everything in a tree and where code files and visual elements structure the page you’re programming.

Brackets Code Editor (Developments)

Adobe initial started development of Brackets text editor for web development on Adobe Edge Code, which was couldn’t continued in November 2014.Later on it is changed into Adobe Brackets, as the make public of Brackets 1.0.Adobe announced that the development of an open source software for web development was ready and no more experiments on it. Brackets Code Editors contain more than two hundred and eighty two community contributors, more than four hundreds requests for bug fixes and new features. Every version of Brackets Code Editors has more than One hundred thousand downloads and stands to be one of the most popular code editor in January 16, 2015.The source code is freely available and a developer can alter features on Brackets and personalize it for one’s own convenience.

Bracket Editor


Features of Brackets Code Editor

Brackets Code Editor is an intellectual text editor that will detect the start and end tags within your HTML. It will help you to recognize where the tag opens and where it ends. You can easily reduce the sections and focus on the section you want to work. There is following major features of Brackets editor which are remarkable.

Quick Edit

When you are editing HTML code, if you click a tag with a corresponding CSS declaration situated in a linked file and hit Ctrl E, an inline editor appears allowing you to quickly edit that rule.

Quick Docs

With tabbed editing, user able to work with multiple open files in a single window. Multi-tab view and automatic word and function completion.

Live Preview

It launches a new browser window showing the current page that not only does not require a manual refresh when you change a file, but also as you type. As such, Brackets feels like an extension of your browser’s Developer tools. This feature is incredibly useful, as it can combine the advantages of coding in the browser with those of an editor.

Bracket Live Preview


It works with your JavaScript code upon saving, with its results displayed as a panel below the main editing window.

Command Line Integration

Brackets Code Editor can be launched from the command line, with use of brackets <file/folder/nothing> on Windows and Mac. On Windows, this can even right-click on a folder or file from Windows Explorer and select “Open With Brackets” or “Open as Brackets Project” in that order to launch Brackets.

Code Folding

With Brackets Code Editor, you can develop blocks of code using indicators next to the line numbers, or via keyboard shortcuts. Brackets Code Editor Implements code completion specially meant for web designers and frontend development.

Multiple Selections

Brackets Code Editor supports multiple cursors, multiple selections, and rectangular selections, in addition, to Undo Selection and useful commands like Add Next Match to Selection.

Brackets Code Editor Latest Download

For the updated and latest version of the Brackets Code editor, if you are willing to download it, then easy steps to grab it.The current version of Brackets Code Editor is License free which can be run on Window 10, Window 8, Window7, Window XP and Window Vista. You can download latest version of Brackets Code Editor with the direct downloading link of Brackets Code Editor latest Download.

Brackets Text Editor Extensions

The color scheme of the editor can be changed with the help of such extensions, or create your own themes to suit your preferences. In Brackets code Editor there is lot of collection of amazing and totally free extensions. So you can easily take hold of the latest stable version of the extensions, without getting to worry about bugs or corrupted code. These are the amazing Brackets Extensions you will like and enjoy.

Auto prefixer

Auto prefixer is a postprocessor related with vendor prefixes in the most excellent possible way.Autoprefixer linked with CSS files and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules. Just need to add in asset building tool and cleans outdated prefixes.


Minifier is a minifies JavaScript and CSS files in brackets Code Editor and saves them as filename.min.ext.These files can be use the keyboard shortcut CMD+M or Ctrl M. It use to compress files and saves as it is relevant to JavaScript automatically, so you can continue to work with file minified and fully ready for deployment.


ToDo is a simple Brackets Code Editor extension that displays all To-Do comments in the existing project or document. By default, it supports five tags ToDo, Changes, Fixme, Note and Future. Its use to check team’s progress and mark tasks.ToDo Brackets extension make you define custom colors for tags which helps you to get creative with your comments.


In Beautify, Brackets extension creates your code look good. It doesn’t only make your files more readable, but it also provides you a handy shortcut key to beautify files like CMD-Shift-L (Mac) and Ctrl-Shift-L (Win). JavaScript code can be every time formatted and prepared more readable using Beautify.

 Brackets File Icons

Brackets File Icons used to adds file icons to the Brackets file tree, which supports files like JavaScript, HTML, PNG, JSON, JPG, XML and CSS. Code editor can be deal with file icons by adding colors to icons based on your file type to all files listed in your side bar.


Swatcher generates color palettes and code hints by importing via LESS/SASS files, images or Adobe Swatch files. It supports all color related functions.Swatcher also comes with a built-in color picker of itself.

Lorem Pixel

Lorem Pixel is a Brackets Code Editor extension that can be used to generate place holder images. It is free of cost and simple with any size. Lorem Pixel also provides you a gray scale option to use only black and white place holder images.


eqFTP is an FTP/SFTP client for Brackets code editor. It delivers an intuitive interface to work with your synchronization, remote file structure exploring, remote servers and password encryption. eqFTP can be used to sync and transfer your project’s files to and from your web host and server.

 Code Folding

Code Folding Brackets extension provides simple code folding for files edited in Brackets Code Editor. It supports tag folding, indent folding, brace folding and multi-line comment folding for JavaScript, JSON, CSS, PHP and less files. It has some support for XML and HTML files based on tag matching. With Code Folding, you can disintegrate large portions of your code into a single line.

 Color Picker

Colar Picker appears to be versatile if you are working with CSS files. It can help you pick and choose colors within minutes right within Brackets.

CSScomb Brackets

CSScomb is a convenience to sort CSS properties within each selector declaration in a predefined order. It helps in maintaining standardization and makes code independent of coding style. It helps you understands code and reduced accidental errors and also sorts properties with multiline values.


Emmet helps to improve HTML and CSS workflow by allowing you to type in CSS-like expressions that can animatedly produce output according to what you really typed in the abbreviation. Emmet abbreviations look like CSS but turned into a structured code block with just a single keypress.

 Brackets Outline List

Brackets Outline List can be used to demonstrate a list of the definitions or functions in the currently opened document. It works with JavaScript, Coffee Script, HTML, SVG,Markdown ,CSS, SCSS, LESS, XML, and PHP.

HTML Skeleton

HTML Skeleton is a set of tags required by every HTML webpage you build. The tags that make up the skeleton tell browsers what kind of file it is reading and without the skeleton, HTML files will not be rendered accurately in web browsers. This is containing extension if you regularly use HTML to build pages in Brackets Code Editor.

 Bracket Gits

Bracket Gits provides Git integration for Brackets Code Editor. It is experienced and works on any platform supported by Brackets (Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux). Bracket Git makes you easily commit changes from Brackets itself, makes a push and pull changes with a single click.

HTML Wrapper

HTML Wrapper is a Brackets extension that selects tags and formats nav with a single command. It can be used by selecting a list of items encapsulated by the desired tag and then run the command.


Minimap is a Brackets extension that comes with syntax highlighting, adjustable fading transparency, auto-hide functionality, quick preview function, smooth scrolling and zooming. It shows a sublime style map of your code within the editor and works in a good way with third party themes.


Legibility Brackets extension increases the legibility aspects of your code, such as drop down menus, font sizes, heights of the elements like code hints, line heights, status bar, modal bar, bottom panel, vertical toolbar and extension modal.

Live Reload

Live Reload is a Brackets extension that checks changes in the file system. It keeps following the changelog of your project files and is refreshed automatically.


CSSLint is a Brackets extension that can make possible CSS linting support. CSSLint makes use of Bracket’s built-in linting system. It displays errors with a yellow warning icon and if there are no errors then a green icon is displayed.


ClipBox is an extension for observance track of your clipboard history. It captures Ctrl C key stores and strokes selected text in its own internal array. ClipBox can store a maximum of ten clipboard items at a time.

Brackets CDN extension

Brackets CDN extension makes you work with CDN services. It’s just a Content Delivery Network (CDN) saves your web server resources by loading files via cloud servers.

Brackets Bookmarks

Brackets Bookmarks extension provides functionality and make able to bookmark lines in Brackets. Bookmarks are sequential and remembered globally. This extension makes you add bookmarks to file and close the file. When you reopen the file, then Brackets Code Editor will restore the bookmarks.

Interactive Linter

Interactive Linter connected with linters such as JS Hint, JSCS, Coffee Lint, JS Lint and ES lint. When you work on your code, this extension gives immediate feedback right in the document. You can access the details of the lint report and then work as a result.

Extension rating

Brackets Extension Rating to display other extensions’ statistics based on downloads. It shows online and maximum users counters for selected extensions.

Brackets Code Editor Themes

Brackets Code Editor is an open source code editor launched back in 2014. It was shaped by Adobe Systems. Mainly, it’s planned for source code editing but it is mostly used for web development. It is well thought-out to be one of the best free code editors in the market. Near to me, these are the best ever themes of Brackets Code Editor


Infinite is a minimalist dark theme with a perfect balance of a few contrasting colors for Adobe Brackets code editor.


Brackets Code Editor Theme based on the colors of magpies.


There are not may light themes available in Brackets code editor. But best one light theme which is Paperback.


Raven theme is a Dark color scheme based on Dreamweaver CC’s.

Code Pen

Code pen is a default theme in brackets code editor.

Sweet Dark

Sweet Dark is a beautiful dark theme for Brackets Code Editor, which makes your code nice and highly readable.

Brackets Code Editor Cheat Sheet

If you are searching about the short keys then you must need the Brackets Cheat Sheet. On this website, you will be able to download all the Brackets Cheat Sheet without any hazal. On this website you can easily download the shortcut Cheat Sheet of Brackets all versions for free.

Sr NoShort KeysAction
1Ctrl++/Ctrl+-Zoom in/Zoom out Font
2Ctrl+/ Toggle Line Comment
3Ctrl + Shift Toggle Block Comment
4Ctrl + DDuplicate
5Ctrl + EQuick Edit
6Ctrl + F Find
7Ctrl + GGo to Line
8Ctrl + HReplace
9Ctrl + JJump To Definition

Ctrl + KQuick Docs
11Ctrl + LLower Case
12Ctrl + MMinify Code
13Ctrl + NOpen New File
14Alt + OEdit File
15Ctrl + OOpen
16Ctrl + QQuit
17Ctrl + STo Save
18Ctrl + TGo to Definition
19Ctrl + UUndo Selection
20Ctrl + VPaste
21Ctrl + WClose
22Ctrl + XCut
23Ctrl + CCopy
24Ctrl + YRedo
25Ctrl + ZUndo
26Ctrl + ShiftSelect Parent
27Ctrl + ShiftSelect Child

Brackets Code Editor Vs Sublime Text Editor

Brackets Code Editor is an Adobe project, Brackets Code Editor makes it worth more when it comes to front-end web development. Since it’s created and developed by the same people who make Photoshop, it’s not unexpected that Brackets Code Editor features emphasize good design and integration with Adobe products. There are two prominent features are Live Preview and Code Hints. Live Preview makes together the handiness of dev tools with the functionality of a code editor. You straight away see HTML and CSS changes in a convenient preview window. You can also have look to your CSS to see exactly where it’s being applied. If you have ever used the dev tools in another browser or Chrome, you will find it very similar. Code Hints related to Photoshop, allowing you to take out important information from PSD files such as colors, fonts, and measurements. It also includes an incredibly helpful shortcut that surfaces the CSS for a selected id or class right inside the HTML.

Sublime Text Editor has been nearby since 2008 and is frequently known as the gold standard of text editors for its performance, useful features, slick UI and particularly the minimap, which gives developers a comprehensive view of their code while they work. Since Sublime Text Editor is first release, many other text editors have taken their ideas from Sublime Text Editor. On the other hand, being the old timer does have some advantages. For one, Sublime Text Editor boasts color-coded support for a number of incomprehensible and specialized languages, like Go, Erlang, Lua and Lisp.Sublime Text Editor best features symbolize its beliefs of getting things done as quickly as possible. The Goto Anything feature is a tremendous suitable way to open files and immediately jump to particular words, symbols or lines. Multiple Selections allows you to change multiple lines of code.

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